Phone/Tablet Repair Training For Nigeria 2021

Phone Repair Training For Nigeria 2020

"Phone/Tablet Repair Training For Nigeria 2021" Do you want to learn how to repair mobile phone/Tablet,do you want to become an expert in mobile phone repair and maintenance.indigenous i.t solution training institute has brought you an opportunity to learn mobile phone repair at the comfort of your home. our online training come with a mobile phone repair training book package and practical training this mobile phone repair training book package and practical training videos, you will learn the A to Z guide of mobile phone repair.our mobile phone repair training book package is an electronic version which you can read on your andriod phone,iphone,ipad and computer system,our training book is so simple that even a dummies can understand it.our training book comes with pictures and illustrations to make you understand better,we also have practical training videos that explains how to carry out various repairs on mobile phone.our mobile phone repair training is just 15,000 naira only with mobile phone repair training book package and practical training videos,we are going to be training you one on one live online through Whatsapp and others,we are going to be training you with practical training videos,audios,pictures and text.we will train you till you know everything about mobile phone repair,your certificate will be mail after  completion of the training program.the beauty of this training is that you can choose your own convenient time for the training. this are some of the things you will learn in our online training of mobile phone repair.

Mobile phone repair training overview

It is an unavoidable fact that smartphones can, and do, break. When they do, people want to get them repaired, but often the only option they have is to take their device back to wherever they purchased it from and have the merchant return it to the manufacturer. This process of sending it away, having it repaired, and sending it back can take days, or sometimes weeks if the fault is serious, and this can be frustrating and inconvenient for the owner. Being able to repair smartphones for people in your local area could give you a great opportunity to start your own business

Trends and Facts About Smartphone 

  1.  Nearly 52% of the World’s population has Internet access – that’s just under 4 BILLION people.
  2. Smartphone is a major segment of the industry. IBISWorld estimates the yearly revenue of the cell phone repair industry at $4 billion, with an annual growth rate of 3%.
  3.  SquareTrade, a company that insures smartphones, reports “a cellphone in the world breaks every two seconds.” Fragile LCD assembly, short battery life and other breakable parts also contribute to a stable market for smartphone repair shops. Tablet repair is also quickly gaining market share

In order to be able to repair smartphones, you will need to have an in-depth understanding of smartphones, how they work, and all their internal components. our smartphone repair training book package is the best way to get this knowledge, as it will allow you to learn in a structured and simple way. Our smartphone repair training book package is a series of lessions, taught by our engineer who have expert knowledge of repairing smartphones. Each lessions covers a major fault that smartphones are likely to develop, showing you how to identify the problem and how to repair or replace the faulty parts. Our mobile phone repair training is a simple and easy way to learn everything you need to know about how smartphones work and how to be able to repair them.

Learn Step By Step How To Fix Your Own Mobile Phones!

If you find yourself in need of some mobile repair, or want to learn more about it to perhaps start repairing Cell phones for a little extra money this mobile phone repair training has the information you need.

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What Will You Learn From This Professional Training On Mobile Phone/Tablet Repair

  • Step 1 - will teach you Introduction to Mobile Communication Technology which summarizes and introduces you to the concepts of a communication system along the context of mobile communication, the various implemented technologies and standards as well as the physical attributes and features of a mobile phone. 
  •  Step 2 - which walks you through a visual understanding of the internal structure and components of mobile phones and devices. 
  • Step 3 - Shows you briefly the various tools and equipment you will require on the job.
  • Step 4 - shows Where you are taught the specific practical skills you will be applying daily on the job using the tools and equipment.
  •  Step 5 - introduces you to hardware repairs. Everything that relates to mobile phone motherboards, its components, their interconnections and structure is discussed in details. You need to absorb the information in this training for all it is worth. 
  • Step 6 - teaches Hardware Faults, Faults Detection and Repair Procedures,launches the students into a step-by-step guide to repairs, applying in tow, skills and knowledge gained in this professional training
  •  Step 7 - teaches Electronics Fundamentals is a long detailed tutorial on electronics and application of the knowledge to repairs.
  • Step 8 - which focuses on software repairs 
  • Step 9 - where you are introduced to concepts on software, software repairs and software repair tools guide.
  • Step 10 - will prepare you for the task ahead in an organized fashion, eliminating the confusion that faces new entrants to software flash programming given the overwhelming volume of resources that abound. 
  • Step 11 - continues with software but delves into software repair procedures proper, empowering you with knowledge which you can apply instantly with certain useful free software even if you have no money to buy proprietary ones. 
  • Step 12 - teaches you a number of settings and codes related information which is very helpful to start earning money quickly.
  • Step 13 - Finally, completes the course for you by teaching you practical entrepreneurial guides that would see you launching into the business, avoid the pitfalls of others before you and make it to the top faster.
  • Step 14 - Everything taught in this training has been practiced in a teaching environment and the impact has been tremendous.
Training Content At A Glance 
  • How to disassemble & assemble different types of cell phones
  • Identifying different parts of GSM and CDMA handsets
  • Tools used for mobile phone repairing
  • How to use different tools used for mobile repairing
  • Work of different parts & ICs
  • Jumpering Techniques
  • Phone motherboard troubleshooting and repair
  • Techniques used to repair (troubleshooting) different faults etc
  • Software problem and solution including how to flash mobile phone
  • our training book package includes repairing basic as well as advanced cellular phones
  • our mobile phone repair training book package contain mobile phone faults and repair solutions

You will learn many things in this powerful mobile phone repair training book package, practical training videos and training.the training fee is just 15,000 naira and 45usd for non nigeria.interested serious students can Register Here or  message/whatsapp me on 2349077269910 - 2347068895656 or mail me at will train you till you know everything about mobile phone/tablet repair.register for your Phone Repair Training today


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