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Computer Networking Training For Nigerians 2024

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Computer Networking Training For Nigerians 2024

"Computer Networking Training For Nigerians 2024" Do you want to learn computer networking, do you want to learn the complete A to Z guide of computer networking. Are you searching for computer networking training, computer networking course, Network engineer course online, Cloud networking course or networking training course. Do you want to learn how you can become a network engineer and learn both wire and wireless networking. If yes, Indigenous i.t solution training institute (Online Training Ng) has brought an opportunity for you to learn both wire and wireless networking online right at the comfort of your home or office. This professional training will euip you with the right knowledge on wire and wireless networking. Let me quickly brief you on some of the things you will learn in our powerful computer networking training -:


 Networking Basics

  • Understanding Networks
  • Understanding Network Protocols and Standards
  • Understanding Network Hardware
  • Understanding Network Operating Systems

 Building a Network

  • Planning a Network
  • Installing Network Hardware
  • Setting Up a Network Server
  • Configuring Windows Clients
  • Macintosh Networking
  • Configuring Other Network Features
  • Verifying Your Network Installation
  • Going Virtual

 Network Administration and Security

  • Help Wanted: Job Description for a Network Administrator
  • Security 101
  • Managing User Accounts
  • Firewalls and Virus Protection
  • Extending Your Network with VPN Access
  • Managing Network Software
  • Solving Network Problems
  • Network Performance Anxiety
  • Backing Up Your Data
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

TCP/IP and the Internet

  • Introduction to TCP/IP and the Internet
  • Understanding IP Addresses
  • Using DHCP
  • Using DNS
  • Using FTP
  • TCP/IP Tools and Commands

 Wireless Networking

  • Setting Up a Wireless Network
  • Securing a Wireless Network
  • Hotspotting
  • Troubleshooting a Wireless Network
  • Wireless Networking with Bluetooth

 Mobile Networking

  • Managing Mobile Devices
  • Managing iPad/BlackBerry Devices
  • Managing iPhone Devices
  • Managing Android Devices
  • Managing Netbooks

 Life in Cloud City 247

  • Introducing Cloud Computing
  • Looking at the Benefits of Cloud Computing
  • Detailing the Drawbacks of Cloud Computing
  • Examining Three Basic Kinds of Cloud Services
  • Applications
  • Platforms
  • Infrastructure
  • Public Clouds versus Private Clouds
  • Introducing Some of the Major Cloud Providers
  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Getting Into the Cloud

Windows Server Reference

  • Installing and Configuring Windows Server
  • Managing Windows Server
  • Dealing with Active Directory
  • Managing Windows User Accounts
  • Managing a File Server
  • Using Group Policy
  • Troubleshooting
  • Windows Commands

Using Other Windows Servers

  • Using Internet Information System (IIS)
  • Managing Exchange Server
  • Using SQL Server
  • Using SharePoint

 Managing Linux Systems

  • Installing a Linux Server
  • Getting Used to Linux
  • Basic Linux Network Configuration.
  • Running DHCP and DNS
  • Doing the Samba Dance
  • Running Apache
  • Running Sendmail
  • Running FTP
  • Linux Commands

Learning bonus

  • Ten Networking Commandments
  • Ten Big Network Mistakes
  • Ten Things You Should Keep in Your Closet and many others.

You will learn many things in this powerful training which I can't mention here.

NOTE -: When you register for our training, you will receive your step by step computer networking training book package and step by step practical training videos which contain everything you need to know about computer networking, our training book is so simple, well details, come with pictures and illustrations that even a dummies will be able to understand it. Our training book is an electronic version which you can read on your Android phone, iphone, ipad and computer system. We are also going to train you one on one live online through whatsapp and others, we are going to train you with practical videos, audio, pictures and texts. We will train you till you know everything about  computer networking and maintenance. Our training fee is just 150usd. The training fee cover your computer Networking training book package, practical training videos, certificate and Training. Your certificate will be mail to you after completion of your training program. To register for the training, you can Register Here or kindly chat with us direct on 2349077269910 or 2347068895656.. you can also mail us on indigenousi.tsolution1@gmail.com, you can also register online here. Register for your computer networking training today and learn the complete A to Z Guide of computer networking. 
NOTE -: Only interested serious minded people who are ready to learn and register should WhatsApp, message or call us. Any information or enquiry you need or want to know about our training program is already on our website, just browse through the footer of the website, you will find the information you need


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