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Wedding Videography Training For Nigerians

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Wedding Videography Training For Nigerians

"Wedding Videography Training For Nigerians" Do you want to learn wedding videography, Are you searching for videography and video editing course, online videography course or videography course. do you want to learn how you can start your own wedding videography business. indigenous i.t solution training institute (Online Training Ng) has brought an intensive training to learn wedding videography online right at the comfort of your home or office. This professional training cover everything you need to know to start your own wedding videography business. Let me briefly Introduce you to wedding videography and also list some of what you are going to learn in this powerful training.


Welcome to Wedding Videography Training For Nigerians, a training to help you step confidently into the field of wedding videography. This training is designed to step the novice wedding videographer through the process of starting a wedding-videography business, filming a wedding, editing the wedding footage, and outputting the final product into a format your client can view, with a strong emphasis on the technical aspects of shooting and editing a wedding video. The training also provides tips for streamlining these processes to help you grow and sustain your business. Whether you enroll for this training to learn more about a field in which you may be interested or to get some new ideas to help you with work you already do, I hope you find it to be both a practical introduction to the industry and a detailed guide for the job.

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Who This Training Is For

Unlike most filmmakers, wedding videographers wear numerous—even dozens of—hats throughout the process of making a single video: business founder, marketer, salesperson, administrator, production coordinator, shooter, grip, sound technician, post-production editor, graphics designer, color corrector, audio engineer, and DVD author. Indeed, there are very few parts of the production process that won’t dirty a wedding videographer’s hands. Clients expect a well-produced and skillfully edited piece, and they expect you to give it to them! Most likely, many readers will have some experience in one or two of these production tasks; this training will fill the gaps for those of you who have worked in some part of the production process but need some catch up work in the others. For example, if you are a video editor already, you might not need our training guide on editing tutorials, but will definitely want to check out the shooting lessons. Our Wedding Videography Training has much to offer even experienced production and post-production professionals. Those of you with experience in soup-to-nuts production work will learn valuable techniques for applying your skills to both the wedding-day shoot and the post-production workflow. Wedding videography is a unique form of storytelling, and comes with its own set of complications. For one, there is only one opportunity to obtain footage of a wedding; you can’t have a first kiss twice. And while some components of each will be similar, every wedding is as different as the personalities involved. Your clients will expect you to capture and showcase all the moments that are most important to them, which can be extremely difficult given the shooting circumstances. At the same time, there are a confusing multitude of options in the post-production phase, which involves crafting a story that captures the flavor of the wedding and the personalities of your clients using footage obtained in a single take. And of course, you must stay current on technology and industry trends, to constantly perform sales and marketing tasks (with almost no repeat customers!), and to handle seasonal work. This training offers insight, tips, and ideas to best manage the nuances of the wedding-videography business from the start-up phase through business development and maintenance.

How This Training Is Organized

Our Wedding Videography Training is arranged chronologically to guide you from the initial business-startup phase to securing and completing your first job to successfully maintaining your business. Depending on your circumstances and experience in the industry, certain lessons may have more relevance to you than others. Following is a detailed list of what you will find in each section and lesson of the training.

The Proposal

Before you can start your first job, you must take a tremendous number of steps to establish your business, market and sell your product, and acquire the right gear to get the job done.The lessons in this part lead you from having the kernel of a business idea to being ready to take on your first client.

The World of Wedding Videography

Wedding videography has undergone an immense evolution in the last few decades. This lesson offers insight into what your clients will expect from you and what you can expect out of the job.

The Business of Weddings

Very few people enter the wedding-videography field so they can experience the joy of business development and maintenance. Nonetheless, routine business tasks are an incredibly important aspect of wedding videography. When you throw the industry nuances into the mix, it becomes especially important to make sure your business has solid grounding and direction. This lesson teaches some basic business startup fundamentals and how they are best applied to this sector of the wedding industry.

Production Gear

This lesson provides a thorough description of the production gear you will need to get a wedding-videography business up and running, with a detailed discussion of camera selection as well as information on lights, microphones, tripods, and camera bags. Distinctions are made between production essentials and items that might be helpful if budget allows.

Getting Post-Production Gear

Advances in computer speed, data storage space, and editing software over the last few decades have revolutionized the post-production process. This lesson guides you through selecting the hardware and software you need to create a wedding video, offering information on computer systems, editing software, and post-production peripherals such as monitors and speakers. distinctions are made between essential and desirable equipment.

The Wedding

Weddings are joyful and often stressful affairs; energy, emotions, and expectations are at high levels. Time passes incredibly quickly as the day’s events unfold, offering you one—and only one—opportunity to capture them. The lessons in this part teach you how to anticipate, manage, and roll with the flow of activities while obtaining the best audio and video footage possible.

The Basics of Wedding Shooting

Before heading out to your first wedding shoot, you must understand some production basics. This lesson aims to teach a basic vocabulary and skill set related to the shots, moves, angles, and manual controls that you will find useful on the day of the wedding. Discussion of shots you will likely need to obtain is included.


A small oversight when preparing for the shoot—not enough batteries for the microphones or tape for the camera—can torpedo an otherwise successful job. This lesson highlights all the considerations and preparations you need to take to ensure a smooth and trouble-free shoot. You want to capture the wedding day drama—not create it!

The Big Day

The culmination of months of preparation on the part of the couple, the wedding day is fraught with joy, tension, excitement, drama, and nerves—and it’s your job to capture it all. This lesson takes you step by step through a typical wedding day, offering shooting advice for each event. Included are instructions for conducting two-camera shoots, handling difficult lighting situations, obtaining audio, and obtaining good interviews. It also lists special shots to consider for each event and information on vendor etiquette.

The Honeymoon

When the stress of the wedding day is over, the calm, methodical, and meticulous post-production process begins. These lessons guide you from bringing your footage onto the computer to outputting it for the client, with all the editing, effects, compositing, and DVD-authoring steps in between.

Basic Editing

A rough cut is the first draft of a video—an unrefined version of the wedding story you are telling. This lesson provides a detailed description of building a rough cut, starting with moving your footage from the camera to the computer. Coverage of editing styles and techniques, music choices, and troubleshooting bad footage is included in this guide to the first stages of the editing process.

Advanced Editing

With a rough cut in place, it’s time to refine your piece to the point where you can confidently showcase it to your clients. This lesson teaches you advanced editing techniques including multi-camera editing, filters, compositing, animation, and sound editing, to transform your project from a basic story into a professionally produced piece.

Output and Delivery

With the video edited and refined, it’s time to put it in a usable format for your clients. Clients may want their video in the form of an authored DVD, posted online, or compressed for various media players. This lesson guides you through outputting the piece to different formats, with additional discussion of the formats and media you should use to archive your pieces for your own purposes.

The Marriage

With a wedding video behind you, you’re ready to tackle the tasks of developing your business (both from a creative and a financial standpoint) and maintaining it so that your energy and investments will continue to pay off over time. These lessons offer ideas to create new products and ensure that you can consistently produce, market, and sell your work.

Add-On Business Ideas

Stocked with gear and expertise, you are well positioned to serve your wedding clientele. You aren’t limited to doing traditional wedding videos, however; try thinking a little bit bigger and offering a wider variety of services. This will keep you on your creative toes, generate more income, and help you stand out in the marketplace as a superior vendor. This lesson offers ideas and specific instructions for creating additional products, such as photo montages, same-day edits, engagement videos, concept videos, and personalized Web pages.

Maintaining Your Business

No business can survive without a bit of love and care. This lesson gives specific instructions for maintaining your business by caring for your equipment, pleasing your clients, and by monitoring your own place in an evolving industry.


The Proposal 

The World of Wedding Videography 

  • What Does a Wedding Videographer Do? 
  • The Evolution of the Wedding Video 
  • Styles of Wedding Videos
  • Other Video Products 
  • Why Is Wedding Videography Unique?
  • A Day in the Life 
  • The Day Before 
  • The Day Of 
  • The Days After 
  • Summary 
  • Next Up 

Tutorial: Questions to Consider about Your Potential New Career

  • Personality 
  • Lifestyle 
  • Career and Personality Interests 

The Business of Weddings 

  • Planning Is Everything 
  • Consider Your Time Frame 
  • Count Your Assets 
  • Understand Your Overhead 
  • Managing Client Relations 
  • Defining Your Style
  • Pricing and Bidding 
  • Legal Issues and Contracts 
  • Marketing Yourself
  • Print Materials
  • Magazines: Print and Online 
  • Other Internet Marketing Tools 
  • Word of Mouth: Brides and Other Vendors 
  • Bridal Fairs and Expos 
  • Keeping It All Compliant
  • Insurance 
  • Summary
  • Next Up 
Tutorial: Counting Your Assets and Estimating Operating Expenses 
  • Counting Your Assets 
  • Estimating Operating Expenses . 
Production Gear 
  • Choosing a Camcorder 
  • HD Capabilities and Resolution Lens
  • Sensor
  • LCD Screen 
  • Storage 
  • Media Transfer 
  • Inputs and Outputs 
  • Stabilization 
  • Manual Controls 
  • Camcorders: A Comparison 
  • Tripod
  • Audio 
  • External Lights
  • Bags 
  • A Word About Multiples 
  • Summary 
  • Next Up 
Tutorial: Choosing a Camcorder and Packing Your Gear 
  • Choosing a Camcorder 
  • Packing Your Gear 

Getting Post-Production Gear 
  • Post-Production Hardware 
  • Computer Requirements 
  • Storage Space 
  • Computer Monitor(s) 
  • External Video Monitor 
  • Speakers 
  • Video Interface 
  • DVD Burner 
  • Other Items to Consider 
  • Post-Production Editing Software 
  • Basic Features 
  • Advanced Features 
  • Post-Production Effects and Output Software.
  • Bundled Packages 
  • Motion Graphics 
  • Audio Programs 
  • External Applications and Plug-ins 
  • Output Options 
  • Comparison 
  • Apple Final Cut Pro 
  • Adobe Premiere Pro 
  • Avid Media Composer 
  • Sony Vegas Pro 
  • Summary 
  • Next Up 
Tutorial: Getting to Know Your Editing Software 
  • Exploring the Panel Configuration 
  • Working with Media Files 
  • Selecting Clips 
  • Editing in the Timeline Panel 
The Wedding 

The Basics of Wedding Shooting 
  • A Video Vocabulary 
  • Work the Angles 
  • Know Your Moves 
  • Call the Shots 
  • Maintaining Your Composition 
  • Manual Controls 
  • Zoom 
  • Focus 
  • Exposure 
  • White Balance 
  • Building Your Shot List 
  • Essential Shots 
  • Fun Shots 
  • Summary 
  • Next Up 

Tutorial: Angles, Moves, and Lighting

  • The Rehearsal
  • Client Preferences and Expectations 
  • Location Limitations
  • Packing Your Gear 
  • Timeline
  • Coordination with Other Vendors 
  • Etiquette
  • Summary 
  • Next Up 

Tutorial: Building Your Master Shot List 

The Big Day 
  • Lighting 
  • Shooting in Low Light 
  • Shooting in Bright Light 
  • Camera Movement 
  • Two-Camera Shoots 
  • Audio 
  • Interviews 
  • Specific Points in the Day 
  • Establishing Shots 
  • Wedding Preparations 
  • The Ceremony 
  • Formal Pictures and Couple Shots 
  • Cocktails 
  • Reception 
  • Summary 
  • Next Up 

The Honeymoon

Basic Editing 
  • Preparing to Edit 
  • Logging Footage 
  • Capturing 
  • Importing Other Media 
  • Basic Editing 
  • Approaches to the Rough Cut 
  • Processes 
  • Types of Edits 
  • Transitions 
  • Finer Editing Tools 
  • Using Basic Editing Tools to Fix Shooting Errors.
  • Summary
  • Next Up

Tutorial: Build a Rough Cut 
  • Make a Radio Cut 
  • Adding Cutaways
  • Polishing the Rough Cut 

Advanced Editing 
  • Multi-Camera Editing 
  • Creating a Multiclip 
  • Editing a Multiclip 
  • Filters 
  • Common Aesthetic Filters 
  • Common Corrective Filters 
  • Applying Filters 
  • Analyzing Effects 
  • Filter Rendering 
  • Basic Compositing 
  • Split Screen 
  • Mattes 
  • Titles 
  • Importing Other Graphics
  • Motion and Animation 
  • Audio Editing 
  • Assessing Your Tracks on the Timeline.
  • Developing Your Audio 
  • Live Level Adjustments 
  • Correcting Audio Problems 
  • External Plug-ins and Programs
  • Summary 
  • What’s Next 

Tutorial: Refine the Rough Cut 
  • Adding Video Effects
  • Compositing Effects 
  • Audio Editing 
  • Adding Titles 
  • Color Correction 

Output and Delivery 
  • Outputting to DVD 
  • Compressing Your Video for Output to DVD.
  • Authoring Your DVD
  • Packaging Your DVD 
  • Screening Your DVD
  • Outputting to Other Formats 
  • Compressing Your Video for Output to Other Media.
  • Posting Your Video Online 
  • Archiving Your Project 
  • Summary 
  • Next Up

Tutorial: Preparing a Sequence for Output 
  • Exporting a File for an Authored DVD
  • Exporting for Specific Media Formats.
  • Exporting for Archives 

The Marriage 

Add-On Business Ideas 
  • Photo Montage 
  • Building the Montage 
  • Prepping the Images 
  • Building the Sequence
  • Animating and Effecting the Sequence.
  • Outputting the Montage 
  • Screening the Montage 
  • Same-Day Edit 
  • Building the Sequence 
  • Logistics 
  • Engagement Video
  • Shooting an Engagement-Video Interview 
  • Shooting Additional Engagement-Video Footage 
  • Putting the Engagement Video Together.
  • Concept Video 
  • Pre-Production 
  • Shooting 
  • Editing 
  • Personalized Web Page 
  • Other Ideas 
  • Summary 
  • Next Up 

Tutorial: Making a Photo Montage 
  • Mark the Music 
  • Build a Rough Cut 
  • Add Transitions 
  • Change Basic Motion Parameters and Add Filters.
  • Animate Motion 

Maintaining Your Business
  • Equipment Maintenance 
  • Camera Maintenance 
  • Computer Maintenance 
  • Client Maintenance 
  • Here Comes Your Guide
  • Marketing to Former Customers.
  • Other Event Videography 
  • Business Trends 
  • Watch Video 
  • Use Your Outreach as Input 
  • Technology Trends 
  • Summary 
  • In Conclusion 

And many others, you will learn many things in this powerful training which I can't mention here.

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