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YouTube Strategies Training

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YouTube Strategies Training

"Youtube Strategies Training" Do you want to learn youtube strategies, do you want to learn how to make and market youtube videos that bring hungry online buyers straight to your products and services, do you want to learn the complete A to Z guide of youtube strategy that make sense to you and your business. Are you searching for youtube strategies training, youtube strategy course, youtube course or youtube marketing course. If yes, indigenous i.t solution training institute (Online Training Ng) has brought an intensive training for people who want to learn youtube strategy online at the comfort of their home or office. This professional training cover everything you need to know about youtube strategies.

Let Me Briefly Introduce You To Our Youtube Strategies Training

“Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.” 

We continue to see a rapid maturation at YouTube in areas that should be part of any YouTube strategy - at any level. Some of these elements weren’t in the older training - or even in some other people course or training. They are added in this training program. In my history of producing internet training , I’ve taken pride in creating content that lasted. YouTube changes so quickly that I find myself having to delete numerous training materials before I can ever publish them. This training is partially a way to deal with that frustration. There are the specifics of YouTube, which need videos and screenshots - and there are the Strategies of YouTube, which I examine here. This is, in short, a training of questions and answers - the questions that you should be asking about YouTube and the real answers that will help you put together a strategy for YouTube that makes sense to you and your business. This is meant to be the reference guide you have by your side as you figure out what to do with all of the options and all of the changes as you plan your own, personal, YouTube Strategies. In many cases, you don’t need one lesson to make sense of a previous one. They are as self-contained (and short) as possible - unless otherwise noted. Feel free to skip around. Although every lesson has been updated in one way or another, there are a several brand new lessons that deal with the new features YouTube has brought our way in the last few year. Included in the list is YouTube Cards, paid channels, sponsorship rule changes and the introduction of some new video creation tools. I also reordered the lessons in this training to better reflect a strategic approach to YouTube. We start with making videos and then move into publishing them. From there, I offer strategies for marketing the videos and then look at a number of advanced strategies that should be considered by anyone looking to take YouTube seriously. YouTube reports seeing more than 300 hours of video uploaded to their site every single minute (this number is up from 100 hours just last few years). YouTube has more than 1 billion users Every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views. The number of hours people are watching on YouTube each month is up 50% year over year. At its core are the top questions I get asked about YouTube - as well as a few that people should be asking. I am still asked these questions on a regular basis and I am still convinced that any YouTube strategy should begin with a clear understanding of how YOU need to answer these questions in your own YouTube efforts. I also offer some additional thoughts about what’s next at YouTube and offer a few additional lessons on the topics of automated tools for YouTube marketing and video creation and how to produce the best possible looking videos - no matter what your budget may be.

This is not a Training About the Tech of YouTube!

My goal is to teach you that with YouTube, a “Ready, Aim, Fire” approach is the best. I’ve seen too many people “Fire” first… and the results are never good. This is a training of YouTube strategies - how to think about YouTube, how to understand what you are getting yourself into, and how to use the strategies to “start right.” Understand what you are doing first, before you take on the tech. This training is the “Ready” and “Aim” part. If you were looking for “Fire,” no worries, we can still be friends - go ahead and don't enroll for this training. I’ll be okay.

This is not a Training of Only my Content and Ideas

I have a number of bonus lessons in this training that bring a well-rounded examination of all things on YouTube. This training is the best of the best, The screens might change.

I Will Continue to Update this training to Include Whatever Changes on YouTube

The interface might get gussied up. The strategies I cover, however, probably won’t change at all. Fair enough?.


  • Making YouTube Video
  • What is the Ideal Length for a YouTube Video?
  • What Equipment and Software Do I Need to Create a Decent Quality Video?
  • How Should I Use YouTube Annotations?
  • What Are YouTube Cards and Why Do They Matter?
  • What is the Best Format for a YouTube Video?
  • What Value is There in Closed Captioning your YouTube Videos?
  • Shooting Videos that Sell 
  • Do You Need a Camera to Make A Great YouTube Video?
  • Why the “Wrong” Music for YouTube Videos Can Cause a Lot Of Problems and How To Prevent Them Before Publishing YouTube Video
  • What Quality Should I Publish my YouTube Videos in?
  • How Do I Get my Videos to Link Outside of YouTube?
  • How Can I Optimize my YouTube Channel and Videos? What About Mobile?
  • What Can I Do to Maximize my YouTube Channel, Marketing YouTube Video
  • What Should I Do After I Publish my YouTube Video?
  • How Do I Get my YouTube Video Ranked on the Front Page of Google?
  • What SEO Methods Can I Use to Get my Video Seen?
  • How Do I Make my Video Go “Viral”?
  • Is YouTube Really a Social Network? How Should I Respond?
  • How Should I Integrate my YouTube Strategies with Other Social Networks? Advanced YouTube Strategies
  • How do the Recent YouTube Sponsorship Changes Affect Your Video?
  • Should You Consider the YouTube Paid Content Options?
  • Automated YouTube Marketing
  • What are the Best Third Party Tools and Services for YouTube?
  • What Should I Do About the New YouTube Live Options?
  • When Should I Use YouTube and the YouTube Player? When Should I Not?
  • Is It Better to Have One YouTube Channel for Everything I Do?
  • When Should I Let YouTube Place Ads on my Videos? How to Monetize Online Videos With Webcasts
  • What’s Next at YouTube?

And many others, You will learn many things in this powerful training which I can't mention here. 

NOTE -: Our Youtube Strategies Training Book Package is well details, come with pictures and illustrations that even a dummies can understand it. The training book is an electronic version which you can read on your Android phone, iPhone, iPad and computer system. We are still going to train you one on one live online through WhatsApp and others, we will train you till you become a professional in Youtube Strategies. The training fee is just 100usd, you can Register Here or Whatsapp, call or message us on 2349077269910 - 2347068895656. you can also email us at indigenousi.tsolution1@gmail.com to register. Register today and learn the complete A to Z guide of youtube strategies..

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