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Advanced Cryptocurrency Investing Training

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Advanced Cryptocurrency Investing Training

 "Advanced Cryptocurrency Investing Training" Do you want to learn Advanced Cryptocurrency Investing, do you want to learn the complete A to Z guide of Cryptocurrency Investing. Are you searching for advanced cryptocurrency Investing training, cryptocurrency Investing course or how to invest in cryptocurrency. If yes, indigenous i.t solution training institute (Online Training Ng) has brought an intensive training for people who want to learn advanced cryptocurrency Investing online at the comfort of their home or office. This professional training cover everything you need to know to succeed in this cryptocurrency investing business. In this powerful training, you will also learn how to Identify top-performing cryptocurrencies, understand reasons to invest in cryptocurrencies and how to create a crypto strategy that matches your goals. More than 2,000 cryptocurrencies currently exist at the time of introducing this training. Cryptos gained a lot of mainstream hype in 2017, when Bitcoin’s value increased 1,318 percent. This surge was nothing compared to the gains of some other digital assets, such as Ripple, which went up (hold your breath) a whopping 36,018 percent. These returns are more than what a stock investor could normally make in a lifetime, and they generated enough interest to create a true frenzy. However, the bubble burst at the beginning of 2018, leaving many late
investors, who bought cryptocurrencies at a very high price, at a loss. That was enough for some newbie investors to label the whole industry a scam and either give up on investing altogether or go back to traditional financial assets like stocks. Regardless, the cryptocurrency market continued evolving, became more stable, and caught the attention and support of many major financial institutions globally and in the United States. As more people get their hands on cryptocurrencies, more sellers feel comfortable accepting them as a payment method, and that’s how the whole industry can flourish. The foundation of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin lies in a new technology called the blockchain; it’s the infrastructure that cryptocurrencies are built on. Blockchain is a disruptive technology that many argue is bigger than the advent of the Internet. The applications of blockchain don’t end with cryptocurrencies, though, just like the applications of the Internet don’t end with email. The unique thing about cryptocurrency investing and trading is that a crypto is a cross between an asset (like stocks) and a currency (like the U.S. dollar.) Analyzing the fundamentals behind a cryptocurrency is very different from analyzing any other financial asset. The traditional ways of measuring value don’t work in the crypto industry, mainly because in many cases the crypto data isn’t stored in a central hub somewhere. In fact, most cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain are decentralized, which means no central authority is in charge. Instead, the power is distributed among the members of any given blockchain or crypto community.

About This Training
You may have heard of some of the famous cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin,
but the industry doesn’t end there — far from it. And although the crypto
market has a ton of volatility, it also has potential for you to make real money
by investing wisely and developing strategies that suit your personal risk
tolerance. In this training, I tap into the risks involved in cryptocurrency investing and show you the different methods you can use to get involved. The topic of cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain technology can be a bit confusing. That’s why I try my best to keep Advanced Cryptocurrency Investing Training easily accessible and relatable and free of intimidating terminology. But it does contain some serious information about strategy development, risk management, and the whole industry in general. As you dip into and out of this training lessons, feel free to skip the sidebars (shaded boxes) and the paragraphs marked with the Technical Stuff icon. They contain interesting information but aren’t essential to becoming a crypto investor.

Assumptions About This Training
I’ve made some assumptions about you and your basic knowledge of investing and the cryptocurrency market:
  • You may have heard of or even own some cryptocurrencies, but you don’t really know how they work.
  • Though you may have invested in other markets like the stock market before, you aren’t necessarily familiar with the terminology and the technical aspects of trading and investing cryptocurrencies.
  • You know how to operate a computer and use the Internet. If you don’t have high-speed access to the Internet now, be sure you have it before trying to get involved in the cryptocurrency market. You need high-speed access to be able to work with many of the valuable online tools I recommend in this training.


What Is a Cryptocurrency?
  • Beginning with the Basics of Cryptocurrencies.
  • Gearing Up to Make Transactions
  • Making a Plan Before You Jump In

Why Invest in Cryptocurrencies?
  • Diversifying from Traditional Investments.
  • Gaining Capital Appreciation
  • Increasing Income Potential
  • Fueling Ideological Empowerment

Recognizing the Risks of Cryptocurrencies.
  • Reviewing Cryptocurrency Returns
  • Risk: Flipping the Other Side of the Coin.
  • Glimpsing Cryptocurrencies’ Reward versus Risk.
  • Digging into Different Kinds of Risk
  • Exploring Risk Management Methods

Looking Under the Hood: Blockchain
  • Breaking Down Blockchain Technology Basics.
  • Perusing Problems with Blockchain
  • What Can Blockchain Be Used for?

How Cryptocurrencies Work
  • Explaining Basic Terms in the Cryptocurrency Process.
  • Cruising through Other Important Crypto Concepts.
  • Stick a Fork in It: Digging into Cryptocurrency Forks.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Brokers
  • Distinguishing Crypto Exchanges
  • Considering Brokers
  • Looking at Other Methods for Buying Cryptos.

Using CryptocurrencyWallets
  • Defining Cryptocurrency Wallets.
  • Looking at Different Types of Wallets.
  • Choosing a Crypto Wallet
  • Keeping Your Wallet Secure.

Different Types of Cryptocurrencies
  • Celebrating Celebrity Cryptocurrencies by Market Cap.
  • Cryptocurrencies by Category

Identifying Top Performing Cryptocurrencies
  • Introducing the Invest Diva Diamond Analysis.
  • Using Fundamental Analysis to Pick Cryptocurrencies.
  • Choosing Cryptos with Sentimental Analysis.
  • Trying Technical Analysis to Select Cryptos.

Diversification in Cryptocurrencies.
  • Breaking Down Some Basics on Diversification.
  • Using Cryptocurrencies in Long-Term Diversification.
  • Tackling Diversification in Short-Term Trades.

Getting Ahead of the Crowd: Investing in ICOs
  • Understanding the Basics of Initial Coin Offerings.
  • Investing in an ICO
  • So You Want to Start an ICO: Launching an ICO Yourself

Cryptocurrency Mining
  • Understanding How Mining Works in a Nutshell.
  • Discovering What You Need to Mine

Stocks and Exchange Traded Funds with Cryptocurrency Exposure
  • Looking for Stocks with Exposure to Cryptos.
  • Considering Cryptocurrency and Blockchain ETFs

Cryptocurrency Futures and Options
  • Focusing on the Fundamentals of Futures.
  • Introducing the Basics of Options
  • Understanding Cryptocurrency Derivatives Trading

Dealing with the Dollar and Other Fiat Currencies
  • Considering the World’s Reserve Currency: The U.S. Dollar.
  • Examining the Euro and Other Major Currencies.
  • Comparing the Forex Market and the Crypto Market.

Using Technical Analysis
  • Beginning with the Basics of Technical Analysis.
  • Spotting the Key Levels
  • Picking Out Patterns on a Chart
  • Smoothing Charts Out with Moving Averages.

Short-Term Trading Strategies
  • Distinguishing Three Short-Term Time Frames.
  • Trying Short-Term Analysis Methods
  • Managing Short-Term Trading Risk

Long-Term Investing Strategies
  • Time Is on Your Side: Getting Started with Long-Term Investing.
  • Creating Long-Term Strategies
  • Considering Limit and Stop-Loss Orders.

Minimizing Losses and Maximizing Gains
  • Keeping the Losses Down
  • Letting the Profits Rise

Using Ichimoku and Fibonacci Techniques
  • Getting a Handle on Ichimoku Kinko Hyo.
  • Introducing Fibonacci Retracement Levels.
  • Combining Ichimoku and Fibonacci Techniques.

Taxes and Cryptocurrencies
  • Distinguishing Three Types of Crypto Taxes.
  • Minimizing Your Crypto Taxes
  • Evaluating Taxable Income from Crypto Transactions.

Ten Considerations Before Getting Started with Cryptocurrencies
  • Don’t Get Too Excited
  • How To Measure Your Risk Tolerance
  • How To Protect Your Crypto Wallet
  • How To Find the Best Crypto Exchange/Broker for You.
  • How To Determine Whether You Should Invest Short Term or Long Term.
  • How To Start Small
  • How To Follow the Cause
  • How To Mull Over Mining
  • How To Look into Investing in Other Assets First.
  • How To Get a Support Group

Ten Possible Moves When Your Crypto Portfolio Is Down.
  • Do Nothing
  • How To Reevaluate Your Risk Tolerance.
  • How To Look at the Big Picture
  • How To Research the Fundamental Reasons the Crypto Is Down.
  • How To Consider Hedging
  • How To Diversify within Crypto Assets
  • How To Diversify across Other Financial Assets.
  • How To Exchange with a Better Crypto
  • How To Think about Adding to Your Current Position.
  • How To Contemplate Cutting Losses

Ten Challenges and Opportunities for
Crypto Investors
  • New Cryptos on the Block
  • Finding Economic Data
  • Regulations
  • Hackers
  • Bubbles
  • A Down Market
  • New Currencies and Projects
  • Diversification
  • Falling in Love with a Crypto
  • Using Invest Diva Diamond Analysis

And many others, You will learn many things in this powerful training which I can't mention here. 

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