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DIY Solar Projects Training

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DIY Solar Projects Training

 "DIY Solar Projects Training" Do you want to learn DIY Solar Projects, do you want to learn small projects to whole-home systems and tap into the sun. Are you searching for DIY Solar Projects Training, DIY Solar Projects Course or DIY Solar Projects Training Course. If yes, indigenous i.t solution training institute (Online Training Ng) has brought an intensive training for people who want to learn DIY Solar Projects online at the comfort of their home or office. This professional training will teach you everything about DIY Solar Projects. You may have heard something like this before: every hour, the sun delivers enough energy to the earth to meet global energy demands for an entire year. This gives you a general sense of the enormity of solar potential, but it might help to consider the same idea on a more human scale: a single square meter of direct sunlight provides 1,000 watts of energy. Capturing that same amount of light in a solar panel can produce about 170 watts of usable electricity—enough to power over a dozen energy-efficient light bulbs or even a big-screen TV. A homemade solar cooker can use a meter of light to boil a pot of water in a few minutes, and a simple hot air collector can employ it to heat a small room or warm up a garage. As these simple examples demonstrate, solar systems don’t have to be big or expensive to be effective, and you can accomplish a lot of different things with a small amount of sunlight. Here’s a look at just a few of the many practical—and doable—ways to put your own patch of sunlight to work, whether you’re in the house, out in the backyard, deep in the woods, or on the road. Put the sun to work in your home with this DIY Solar Projects Training. Like the original, this training offer small-scale, achievable solar projects that home owners can build and install themselves It's all possible with relatively small investments in materials and minimal building experience. You'll learn about :

  • How to build three types of solar ovens
  • How to build a portable charging station with AC power directly from the sun.
  • Solar systems for marine crafts.
  • Solar hot-air collector you can make 
  • Solar lumber kiln
  • Solar distiller 
  • And more.

With clear instructions, tips, and step by step color photos for each project. This training takes the intimidation out of DIY Solar builds. For those with more ambitious solar-power plans, this updated training contain new information on outfitting your home with photovoltaic module systems. Excitement about home solar energy is growing and DIY Solar Projects Training sheds light on how you can start to participate today 



  • How Sunlight Becomes Electricity
  • Solar Power Basics
  • Mounting Solar Modules
  • Solar Electricity Safety
  • Installing Simple DC Systems
  • 12-Volt Solar Light System
  • Solar-Powered Security Light
  • Planning for Whole-House Power
  • Mobile Solar: RVs, Boats & Portable Power


  • Solar Ovens
  • Solar Water Heater
  • Solar Hot Air Collector—Window Mount
  • Solar Hot Air Collector—Roof Mount
  • Solar Still
  • Solar Lumber Kiln

And many others, you will learn many things in this powerful training which I can't mention here.

NOTE -: Our step by step training materials is well details, come with pictures and illustrations that even a dummies can understand it. The training materials is an electronic version which you can read on your Android phone, iphone, iPad and computer system. We are still going to train you one on one live online through WhatsApp and others, we are going to train you with step by step practical training videos, audio, pictures and text. We will train you till you become a professional in doing DIY Solar Projects. Our step by step DIY Solar Projects Training Materials is enough to make you a professional in DIY Solar Projects field..

The training fee is just 170usd. The training fee cover your step by step DIY Solar Projects training materials, certificate and training. To register for the training, you can Register Here or Whatsapp, call or message us on 2349077269910 - 2347068895656. You can also email us at indigenousi.tsolution1@gmail.com to register. Your certificate will also be mail to you after completion of the training program. Register today and learn the complete A to Z guide of DIY Solar Projects.

NOTE -: Only interested serious minded people who are ready to learn and register should WhatsApp, message or call us. Any information or enquiry you need or want to know about our training program is already on our website, just browse through the footer of the website, you will find the information you need


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