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Cybersecurity Training For Nigerians

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Cybersecurity Training For Nigerians

 "Cybersecurity Training For Nigerians" Do you want to learn cybersecurity, do you want to learn how to Recognize top cybersecurity threats, Respond to cyberattack and Protect yourself at work and home. Are you searching for cybersecurity Training, cybersecurity course or cyber security training course. If yes, indigenous i.t solution training institute (Online Training Ng) has brought an intensive training for people who want to learn cybersecurity online at the comfort of their home or office. This professional training will teach you everything you need to know about cybersecurity. In this professional training, you will learn -:

  • How to Identify different email scams
  • The risks in social media 
  • Discovering you've been compromised.
  • Limiting personal info 
  • Privacy settings and strong passwords.
  • Been cautious with public wi-fi and many more.

The issues and challenges associated with cybersecurity — the measures taken to protect computer systems against unauthorized access or attack — come up almost daily in your work and home lives these days. Media headlines highlight the latest breaches of confidential information, exposing millions of personal information records. Executives lose their jobs because of these incidents. Companies sometimes see a sudden drop in their stock market value. Others must pay a “ransom” to get their hijacked information back. And for smaller organizations, their very existence as a business may be threatened. Despite billions of dollars spent each year on sophisticated technology to help protect critical information assets, malicious hackers and insiders continue to steal information with seeming impunity. The vast majority of breaches in cybersecurity are the result of human errors or actions that often occur without people even being aware of what they have done. Technology alone can’t protect your identity or sensitive information. Malicious hackers and other threat actors target humans, seeking ways to trick them into giving up vital information unknowingly. They do this because it’s the easiest way to get at valuable data in a process known as social engineering. So, it’s not surprising that exploited humans are the weakest link in the cybersecurity chain and yet the best hope for preventing a cyber-security disaster.

About This Training

Our Cybersecurity Training helps you understand and recognize the most common cybersecurity threats people face daily in their personal and work lives. With that understanding, you can then begin to adopt good cyber hygiene that helps you avoid becoming the next victim. Enrolling for this training helps you learn how cybercriminals target their victims, what you can do to reduce your risk, and how you can personally make it much more difficult for the attackers to steal your information, your identity, and your money.

Beyond the Training

Because cybersecurity is literally everywhere in your always-on, Internet-connected lives, you need to get on board with recognizing that the more you learn about how to protect yourself, the easier and safer your life will be. But your learning can’t stop with changing a few passwords or taking a few tips from this training You should continually educate yourself. Many online safety awareness campaigns exist that offer practical, up-to-date advice on how you can stay safer and more secure online. This training also guide you on that.


Cybersecurity Is Everyone’s Responsibility

  • Targeting humans as the primary cause of breaches.
  • Fighting cyber fatigue

Recognizing Top Cybersecurity Threats

  • Identifying different email scams
  • Looking at the risks in social media
  • Checking activity logs, mobile usage, and bandwidth.
  • Being leery of public Wi-Fi

Responding in the Wake of a Cyberattack

  • Discovering you’ve been compromised.
  • Ransomware, infected devices, third party alerts.
  • Notifying boss, colleagues, and friends

Ten Ways to Protect Yourself

  • Backing up your important data
  • Choosing privacy settings and strong passwords.
  • Thinking before you click.

And many others, you will learn many things in this powerful training which I can't mention here.

NOTE -: Our step by step training materials is well details, come with pictures and illustrations that even a dummies can understand it. The training materials is an electronic version which you can read on your Android phone, iphone, iPad and computer system. We are still going to train you one on one live online through WhatsApp and others, we are going to train you with step by step training materials, audio, pictures and text. We will train you till you become a professional in cybersecurity field. Our step by step cybersecurity training materials is enough to make you a professional in cybersecurity field.

This professional training cost more than 700,000 naira, but we are going to give it out for just 170usd only. The training fee is just 170usd only. The training fee cover your step by step Cybersecurity Training materials, certificate and training. To register for the training, you can Register Here or Whatsapp, call or message us on 2349077269910 - 2347068895656. You can also email us at indigenousi.tsolution1@gmail.com to register. Your certificate will also be mail to you after completion of the training program. Register today and learn the complete A to Z guide of Cybersecurity.

NOTE -: Only interested serious minded people who are ready to learn and register should WhatsApp, message or call us. Any information or enquiry you need or want to know about our training program is already on our website, just browse through the footer of the website, you will find the information you need


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