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Wordpress Theme Building Training For Nigerians

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Wordpress Theme Building Training For Nigerians

 "Wordpress Theme Building Training For Nigerians" Do you want to learn wordpress theme building, how you can start building your own wordpress theme and plugin. Are you searching for Wordpress theme building training, Wordpress theme building course or how to build a Wordpress theme and plugins. If yes, indigenous i.t solution training institute has brought an intensive online training for people who want to learn how to build a wordpress theme and also plugin online. This training will take you by the hand and show you the step by step guide of how you are going to do that, this training is basically meant to train you from scratch on how to build your own wordpress theme and plugin. Let me briefly introduce you to what wordpress theme is all about and also list some of what you are going to learn in this powerful training.

A WordPress theme is a tool to change the layout and design of your website. Themes customize the appearance of your site, including the layout, typography, color, and other design elements. .

Introduction To Our Wordpress Theme Building Training

When I first got into web development, all the way back in 2002, a tool like WordPress did not exist yet. As a matter of fact, it wouldn’t be until almost a year later that WordPress would be released to the public for the first time; not that I was ready to use WordPress at initial release. I actually didn’t start using it until 2004 (around WordPress 1.5), when my friend told me about this new blogging platform that I should consider instead of writing my own.I instantly fell in love, hacking away, learning the platform, making my own changes (sometimes to the core1), and watching it grow over the years. What started out as a simple, open source blogging platform is now a super-powerful content management system (CMS) that can boast that it’s the most widely-used CMS on the Internet. In this training, I plan to teach you how to use WordPress, as well as how to leverage the API to create your own custom themes, plugins, and content types. In other words,I will show you how to make WordPress your own.

Who is this training for?
I’d like to say that this training is for anyone interested in WordPress, regardless of background. However, to keep it streamlined, I do make some assumptions about you, dear reader. I assume that you have a solid understanding of HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL. I also assume that you’ve at least looked at the WordPress Codex, which can be found at codex.wordpress.org. I will be looking at converting HTML to a WordPress theme, building plugins, and more, all from scratch. So, if you’ve never done that, this training should be right up your alley. I do assume you have programmed before, however, which brings us to…

What this training Includes,
Packaged with this training, you will find:
  1. A set of PSD files for the Homepage, Directory Page, Blog, and Single Business Page.
  2. A set of HTML files created from the PSDs. They will be used to create the Director WordPress theme. On top of the four pages created from the PSDs, the HTML folder includes a /css/ folder for four CSS files: style.css, reset.css, master.css, and ie.css. All images used in the HTML template are also included. 
  3. A fully functioning WordPress theme called Director. This can be found in the /director/folder.These files and themes may be used freely in your projects, both commercial and non-commercial. However, they may not be redistributed or resold in any way. As you work through this training you may choose to either construct your own set of files from scratch,or use the example files as a guide.

What you will learn in this powerful training program (Training Content At A Glance)

  • WordPress Basics 
  • Posts 
  • Pages
  • Menus 
  • Coding Conventions 
  • Plan of Action 

Converting HTML to a WordPress Theme 

  • Building Our HTML Theme 
  • Files & Structure 
  • Markup & CSS 
  • style.css/CSS 
  • Functions.php 
  • Theme Template Hierarchy 
  • Header & Footer 
  • The Loop 
  • The Post Pages 
  • The Index 
  • Single Page Template 
  • Content Pages 
  • Auxiliary Template Pages 
  • The Sidebar Template 
  • Archives Template 
  • The 404 Error Template 
  • Building Our Own Framework 
  • Principles of Reuse
  • Define Your Needs 
  • Existing Theme Frameworks 
  • Coding Tips for Frameworks/Child Themes 

Creating Custom Post Types 

  • Designing the Custom Post Type 
  • Building it into the Theme 
  • Setting up the Custom Post Type 
  • Modifying the Businesses Admin Panel 
  • Listing Custom Post Types 
  • Creating a Custom Post Type Single Template 
  • Creating the Homepage 
  • Querying Posts 

Creating a Theme Options Page 

  • Creating the Admin Page 
  • Adding Settings to the Template 
  • OptionTree Plugin by Envato 
  • Creating Widgets 

Plugin Development 

  • Defining the Plugin 
  • The Shortcode 
  • The Template Tag 


  • Theme & Plugin Directories 
  • Coding Resources 
  • Final Thoughts 
  • Stay Up to Date!

You will learn many things in this powerful training which I can't mention here. 

NOTE -: Our wordpress theme Building training book package is well details, come with pictures and illustrations that even a dummies can understand it. the training book is an electronic version which you can read on your Android phone, iphone, iPad and computer system. we are still going to train you one on one online through WhatsApp and others, we will train you till you become a professional in building your own wordpress theme and plugin. the training fee is just 140usd, you can Register Here or Whatsapp, call or message me on 2349077269910 - 2347068895656. You can also email us at indigenousi.tsolution1@gmail.com to register. Register today and become expert in building wordpress theme and plugin.

NOTE -: Only interested serious minded people who are ready to learn and register should WhatsApp, message or call us. Any information or enquiry you need or want to know about our training program is already on our website, just browse through the footer of the website, you will find the information you need


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