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Advanced Digital Film Making Training

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Advanced Digital Film Making Training

"Advanced Digital Film Making Training" Do you want to learn Advanced Digital filmmaking, do you want to learn the definitive guide to digital filmmaking, how you can start producing your own movie, music video e t.c. Are you searching for advanced digital film making training, advanced digital film making course, digital filmmaking training, digital filmmaking course or online digital film making training course. if yes, indigenous i.t solution training institute (Online Training Ng) has brought an intensive training to learn advanced Digital filmmaking online from the comfort of your home or office. This training will take you by the hand and show you everything about advanced Digital filmmaking, this training cover the complete A to Z guide of advanced Digital filmmaking. Filmmaking has changed beyond recognition in the last few years, with ever cheaper and more accessible technology and the emergence of large-sensor DSLRs. There has never been a better time to shoot your own expert HD footage and, in a few simple steps, shape it into a coherent story. It is now possible to shoot a beautiful-looking film completely on DSLR, with minimal or no crew, and achieve something that can happily be screened in cinemas or on TV. In this training we will show you how easy it is to progress from a little smartphone video to a well-shot short or even a feature film. This training will teach you in easy steps how you can graduate from a fully automatic point-and-shoot to more advanced formats and kit, until you are confident enough to shoot, record and edit your own footage and sound and create professional videos and films. If you have ever wanted to pick up a camera and shout “action,” then this training is for you. Whether you want to make your name with the next independent breakthrough movie or just improve your own family videos, you will find lots of useful practical information on all aspects of filmmaking here. The training follows a natural progression from basic to advanced level, to allow you to build up your knowledge and skills in all aspects of filmmaking—from video and sound recording to editing and finishing. We mix in the theory you need with practical tips and techniques to help you gain confidence in using your camera and sound-recording gear, before diving into drama production and advanced post-production. Each lessons can also be study individually if you want to jump straight in.

In this preliminary lesson we will be teaching you how to make and finish your first film. We will cover all the basic techniques for video and sound recording and suggest ideas for filming specific types of films, before completing the secakition with a look at editing and exporting your film to the internet.

Your equipment
Here, we’ll look at the equipment you’ll be using for filmmaking—what the gear is for and why you might need it. There’s a mix of basic and advanced equipment—from video cameras and microphones to lighting, computers, video monitors and steadicams—to help you decide what is right for you now and what might be useful in the future.

Using your kit
Once we know what we need, we’ll start to look at how to use it. In this lesson we cover camera-handling techniques and how to set up lighting and sound-recording gear, and go through the technical areas of shot composition, shutter speed, ND filters, using depth of field, setting color
balance, using picture styles and choosing between natural and artificial lighting for the best effects. If you are the proud owner of a new video camera, try getting to grips with it in a peaceful, natural environment, so that you can take your time exploring all the settings without being hassled.

Your first film project
Now it’s time to put your new knowledge into action by filming specific projects such as a friend’s wedding, live music, a sports or wildlife film, interviews or family videos. Learn about basic makeup and what not to wear, as well as how and when to use different camera shots to make your editing easier.

Basic editing
This lesson explains how to physically get your video from your camera into your computer and how to edit it into your first video using entry-level software. We show you how to add a soundtrack and video effects and then upload your video to the internet to share with friends and family.

Armed with the skills to create a simple project, we’ll now delve a lot deeper into the art of filmmaking, especially into techniques used for shorts and feature drama as well as documentary production. We will cover all aspects of the digital filmmaking process, from planning, scriptwriting and casting to shooting the film and eventually taking it into the edit. We’ll explain how to add special effects, sound effects and Foley until you have a finished film on Blu-ray or the internet.

Before we go into the actual shoot, we take you through the process of
pre-production, where you will learn how a script is written, what makes an exciting story, and what genre your story might fall into. Then we will consider all the tasks that need to be organized before you start shooting your film, like planning and scheduling the production, finding funding sources, how to go about casting your film, how to choose locations and get filming licenses for them, and tips on makeup and wardrobe.

The shoot
Before we take you through the various aspects of a film shoot, we’ll discuss the key jobs on set—from focus puller to script supervisor, from key grip tm am key go director. We’ll explain the process of blocking a scene for actors and camera, rehearsing it, setting it up, and why it is useful to understand headroom, eyelines and the all-important concept of the stage line. We’ll go deeper into all other aspects of practical filmmaking on set, including advanced composition techniques, 3D
filmmaking, chroma keying, and using car camera rigs. Finally, we’ll discuss documentary and its different approach to planning, scripting and production.

Advanced editing
This lesson brings together all the stuff that needs to happen to complete your film. We look at importing footage, synchronizing and cleaning up picture and sound, and fixing shaky or noisy footage, and then go on to cover editing techniques, types of cuts and transitions and how to edit the film with music. Finally, we explain how to create a credit sequence and do a color grade.

Going live
Now that the film is completed, you are ready to release it to your friends, family or the wider world at large. We’ll now look at delivery formats such as DVD and Blu-ray and how to output your film for film festivals as well as self-distribution via the internet and video-sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.



Your equipment
  • Lights, camera, action!
  • Types of camera
  • Viewfinders and monitors
  • Lenses
  • Tripods and monopods
  • Steady your camera
  • Microphones
  • External recording devices
  • Lights and reflectors
  • Which computer?
  • Resolution and aspect ratios

Using your video camera
  • Composition
  • Handheld techniques
  • Tripod techniques
  • Depth of field
  • Shutter speed
  • Variable frame rates
  • Color balance
  • Exposure and ND
  • Picture styles
  • Natural light
  • Filters and matte boxes
  • Setting lights
  • Filming at night
  • Get the film look
  • Sound basics
  • Sound recording
  • Using external microphones
  • Recording dialogue

Your first film project
  • Pick your genre
  • A little planning
  • Cover your scene
  • Shooting to edit
  • Angles and positions
  • Monitoring audio
  • What the camera sees
  • Family videos
  • Filming action sports
  • Wildlife and nature
  • Filming live music
  • Wedding films
  • Filming an interview
  • Basic editing
  • Importing video clips
  • Cutting it together
  • Adding a soundtrack
  • Sharing your video


  • Developing a great story
  • Story structure
  • Story building blocks
  • Conflict, tension, suspense
  • Scriptwriting basics
  • Before the shoot
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Money! Money! Money!
  • Casting
  • Art, makeup and wardrobe
  • Location and insurance
  • Music and licensing
  • Preparing the set

The shoot
  • Film jobs explained
  • The director’s job
  • On set
  • Blocking and rehearsals
  • Setting up / turning round
  • The stage line
  • Eyelines and headroom
  • Camera rigging for cars
  • Focus-pulling basics
  • Special effects makeup
  • 3D filmmaking
  • Chroma keying
  • Continuity and script supervision
  • Documentary filmmaking

Advanced editing
  • Non-linear editing software
  • Workstation and workflow
  • Importing your media
  • Synchronizing sound
  • Frame rate conversions
  • Transitions and cuts
  • Editing techniques
  • The sound edit
  • Sound clean-up
  • Sound effects and Foley
  • Using stock footage
  • Color grading
  • And roll credits

Going live
  • Media-sharing websites
  • Burning to DVD
  • DVD authoring and Blu-ray
  • How to release your film.

And many others, you will learn many things in this powerful training which I can't mention here.

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