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Microsoft Excel 2016 Training

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Microsoft Excel 2016 Training

 "Microsoft Excel 2016 Training" Do you want to learn Microsoft Excel 2016, do you want to learn the complete Step by Step guide of Microsoft Excel 2016. Are you searching for Microsoft Excel 2016 training, Microsoft Excel 2016 course or Microsoft Excel 2016 training course. If yes, indigenous i.t solution training institute (Online Training Ng) has brought an intensive training for people who want to learn Microsoft Excel 2016 online at the comfort of their home or office. This professional training cover the complete A to Z guide of Microsoft Excel 2016.. This Step by Step training has been designed so you can study it from the beginning to learn about Microsoft Excel 2016 and then build your skills as you learn to perform increasingly specialized procedures. Or, if you prefer, you can jump in wherever you need ready guidance for performing tasks. The how-to steps are delivered crisply and concisely —just the facts. You’ll also find informative, full-color graphics that support the instructional content.

Who this training is for 

Microsoft Excel 2016 Step by Step is designed for use as a learning and reference resource by home and business users of Microsoft Office apps who want to use Excel to manage their data, create useful analyses and visualizations, and discover insights into their operations by using the rich business intelligence analysis tools found in Excel. The content of the training is designed to be useful for people who have previously used earlier versions of Excel and for people who are discovering Excel for the first time.

The Step by Step approach

The training’s coverage is divided into parts representing general Excel skill sets. Each part is divided into lessons representing skill set areas, and each lesson is divided into topics that group related skills. Each topic includes expository information followed by generic procedures. At the end of the lesson, you’ll find a series of practice tasks you can complete on your own by using the skills taught in the lesson.


Set up a workbook

Explore the editions of Excel 2016
  • Excel 2016
  • Excel Online
  • Excel Mobile Apps
Become familiar with new features in Excel 2016
Create workbooks
Modify workbooks
Modify worksheets
Merge and unmerge cells
Customize the Excel 2016 app window
  • Zoom in on a worksheet
  • Arrange multiple workbook windows
  • Add buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar.
  • Customize the ribbon
Skills review
Practice tasks

Work with data and Excel tables

Enter and revise data
Manage data by using Flash Fill
Move data within a workbook
Find and replace data
Correct and expand upon data
Define Excel tables
Skills review
Practice tasks

Perform calculations on data

Name groups of data
Create formulas to calculate values
  • Sidebar: Operators and Precedence #
Summarize data that meets specific conditions.
Set iterative calculation options and enable or disable automatic calculation.
Use array formulas
Find and correct errors in calculations
Skills review
Practice tasks

Change workbook appearance

Format cells
Define styles
Apply workbook themes and Excel table styles.
Make numbers easier to read
Change the appearance of data based on its value.
Add images to worksheets
Skills review
Practice tasks

Manage worksheet data

Limit data that appears on your screen
Manipulate worksheet data
  • Sidebar: Select list rows at random
  • Summarize data in worksheets that have hidden and filtered rows.
  • Find unique values within a data set
Define valid sets of values for ranges of cells.
  • Reorder and summarize data
Sort worksheet data
Sort data by using custom lists
Organize data into levels
Look up information in a worksheet
Skills review
Practice tasks

Combine data from multiple sources

Use workbooks as templates for other workbooks.
Link to data in other worksheets and workbooks.
Consolidate multiple sets of data into a single workbook.
Skills review
Practice tasks

Analyze alternative data sets

Examine data by using the Quick Analysis Lens.
Define an alternative data set
Define multiple alternative data sets
Analyze data by using data tables
Vary your data to get a specific result by using Goal Seek.
Find optimal solutions by using Solver
Analyze data by using descriptive statistics.
Skills review
Practice tasks
Skills review
Practice tasks

Create charts and graphics

Create charts
Create new types of charts
Customize chart appearance
Find trends in your data
Create dual-axis charts
Summarize your data by using sparklines
Create diagrams by using SmartArt
Create shapes and mathematical equations
Skills review
Practice tasks

Create dynamic worksheets by using PivotTables

Analyze data dynamically by using PivotTables
Filter, show, and hide PivotTable data
Edit PivotTables
Format PivotTables
Create PivotTables from external data
Create dynamic charts by using PivotCharts
Skills review
Practice tasks

Print worksheets and charts

Add headers and footers to printed pages
Prepare worksheets for printing
  • Fit your worksheet contents to the printed page.
  • Change page breaks in a worksheet.
  • Change the page printing order for worksheets.
Print worksheets
Print parts of worksheets
Print charts
Skills review
Practice tasks

Automate repetitive tasks by using macros

Enable and examine macros
  • Set macro security levels in Excel 2016
  • Examine macros
Create and modify macros
Run macros when you click a button
Run a macro when you open a workbook
Insert form controls into a worksheet
Skills review
Practice tasks

Work with other Microsoft Office apps

Include Office documents in workbooks and other files.
  • Link Office documents to Excel workbooks.
  • Embed files in Excel and other Office apps.
Create hyperlinks
Paste charts into documents
Skills review
Practice tasks

Collaborate with colleagues

Share workbooks
Save workbooks for electronic distribution
Manage comments
Track and manage colleagues’ changes
Add protection to workbooks and worksheets.
Finalize workbooks
Authenticate workbooks
Save workbooks for the web
Import and export XML data
Work with OneDrive and Excel Online
Skills review
Practice tasks

Perform business intelligence analysis

Enable the Data Analysis add-ins
Define relationships between tables
Analyze data by using Power Pivot
View data by using timelines
Bring in external data by using Power Query.
Skills review
Practice tasks

Create forecasts and visualizations

Create Forecast Worksheets
Define and manage measures
Define and display Key Performance Indicators
Create 3D maps
Skills review
Practice tasks
Keyboard shortcuts

And many others, you will learn many things in this powerful training which I can't mention here.

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